Financial Services Acronyms

ACH Automated Clearing House
AM Asset Management
AP Accounts Payable
AR Accounts Receivable
ASC Auxiliary Services Corporation
ASFR Accounting Services & Financial Reporting
ASI Associated Students, Inc.
AVP Associate Vice President, Assistant Vice President
BA Business Analyst
BBA Budget Balance Available
BI Billing
BOT Board of Trustees
BTA Business Travel Account
C&P Contracts & Procurement
CB Chargeback
CERF Continuing Education Revenue Fund
CFO Chief Financial Officer
CFS Common Finance System
CMAS California Multiple Awards Schedule
CMO Cash Management Office
CMS Common Management System
CO Chancellor's Office, Change Order
COA Chart of Accounts
CPA Certified Public Accountant
CPDC Capital Planning Design & Construction
CPO Cash Posting Order
CSAC California Student Aid Commission
CSU California State University
CSUF California State University Fullerton
CSURMA CSU Risk Management Authority
CWID Campus-Wide Identification Number
D-11 Directive 11
DGS Department of General Services
DVBE Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise
EFT Electronic Funds Transfer
EO Executive Order
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
ETR Expenditure Transfer Request
FA Financial Aid
FIRMS Financial Information Reporting Management System
FISAP Fiscal Operations Report and Application to Participate
FOA Financial Officers Association
FS Financial Services
FSAC Finance Standards Accounting Controls
FTE Full-Time Equivalent
FTEF Full-Time Equivalent Faculty
FTES Full-Time Equivalent Students
FUG Financial Users Group
FY Fiscal Year
GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
GL General Ledger
GSA General Services Administration
ICSUAM Integrated CSU Administrative Manual
IFB Invitation For Bid
IT Information Technology
ITD Inception to Date
JOC Job Order Contract
LAO Legislative Analyst Office
LCD Labor Cost Distribution
MC Marginal Cost
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
NACHA National Automated Clearing House Association
NRA Non-Resident Alien
NRT (NRF) Non-Resident Tuition (Non-Resident Fee)
OBIEE Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
O&E & Equipment Operating Expense & Equipment
PAB President's Administrative Board
P-CARD Procurement Card
PF Philanthropic Foundation
PO Purchase Order
PRBC Planning Resource & Budget Committee
PS PeopleSoft
PSSOA Procurement & Support Services Officers Association
RFI Request For Invoice
RFP Request For Proposal
RFQ Request For Qualifications, Request for Quote
RMP Revenue Management Program
RTV Return to Vendor
SA Student Administration, Service Authorization
SAM State Administrative Manual
SB Small Business
SCO State Controller's Office
SEP Salary Expenditures & Projections (Report)
SFR Student Faculty Ratio
SFS Student Financial Services
SME Subject Matter Expert
SSN Social Security Number
STO State Treasurer's Office
SUAM State University Administrative Manual
SUF State University Fee
SUG State University Grant
SWIFT Systemwide Investment Fund-Trust
TA Travel Authorization
TEC Travel Expense Claim
UOM Unit of Measure
WO Work Order
YE Year End
YEC Year End Close
YTD Year-to-Date