Account Representatives

Account Representatives are assigned specific functional areas and/or categories of work to provide the highest level of service and support to the campus community. Overlap can occur due to volume and existing workloads.

Area of Responsibility Primary Contact
Scientific/Lab /Testing Supplies, Athletic Scheduling Agreements, Office Repairs, Information Technology, Services by Individuals Gilbert Angon x5224
eBusiness Programs (Pcard Program, Office Supply (Staples) Program), D-11 Inquiries Larissa Meza x3758
Campus Catering Program, General Office Inquiries
Facilities Equipment, Maintenance Agreements, Printing, Furniture, Automobiles/Carts, Copiers, Bus/Transportation Services Hector Muniz x5136
Consulting Agreements, Teaching/Internship Agreements, Marketing Agreements, Confidential Data Agreements, Non-Sponsored Research Related Agreements, Facility Use Agreements, Information Technology Angellah Petruso x2844
Public Works (Capital Projects, Job Order Contracts, Professional Agreements, Task Order Contracts) Nancy Clausen x4532
Student Placement Agreements, Nursing/Clinical Agreements, International Agreements, Photographic, Learning Activity Placement Agreements, Federal Work Study Agreements Karen Pearson x4217