Security Awareness Program

Online TrainingPCI DSS Requirement 12.6, requires that a formal security awareness program must be in place. Personnel responsible for PCI DSS compliance have specific training needs exceeding that which is typically provided by general security awareness training. Individuals with PCI DSS compliance responsibilities should receive specialized training that, in addition to general awareness of information security, focuses on specific security topics, skills, processes, or methodologies that must be followed for those individuals to perform their compliance responsibilities effectively.

System, Database, and Network Administrators and other staff with privileged access to computer systems that may store, process, or transmit CHD will require more detailed security awareness training that includes understanding the importance of secure system configurations for the protection of sensitive information.

CSU, Fullerton Policy requires each campus establish a training and security awareness program to ensure people understand their information security responsibilities and help to reduce the number and impact of information security incidents. To meet this requirement, as well as PCI DSS, staff & faculty who are involved in payment card transactions (see Section, Who are Involved in Payment Card Transactions) shall be required to complete PCI DSS security awareness training, annually.

New merchants (including system administrator or developer) applying for MID or eMarket will be included in the list to take the online training, annually.

Some specialized employees may be required to complete additional PCI training annually based on their position with California State University, Fullerton. This mandatory awareness training, which takes approximately 20 minutes to complete, will be made available through the Employee Training Center (ETC) CSU,

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