Maximum Per-Person Rates for Hospitality Meals and Light Refreshments

Effective Date: August 1, 2015

Description Maximum Per-Person
Breakfast $30.00
Lunch $40.00
Dinner $75.00
Light Refreshments $30.00

The maximum per-person rate calculation is created by dividing the total amount charged for food, beverage, tax, gratuity and service charges by the total number of actual attendees. If the food is being ordered, the estimated number of attendees should be used when choosing the appropriate menu items. The maximum rates shall be reviewed annually by the campus Chief Financial Officer.

Meals or light refreshments should be limited to no more than twelve times per year, per group. Each Division is responsible for monitoring the frequency of meals or light refreshments.

It is recognized that certain University events hosted by or through the Office of the President or University Advancement including galas, convocations, college sponsored fundraising events, advisory meetings, board meetings, forums, town halls, Presidential addresses, business meals and fundraising meals may exceed the maximum per-person rate upon approval by the President or Vice President of University Advancement with documented explanation. Outside of these events, Division Heads may approve limited exceptions to the maximum per-person rate with documented explanation. Under no circumstances shall an individual approve their own exception to the maximum per-person rate. Approval of such events may not be further delegated. President’s expenditures will be approved by the Vice President for Administration and Finance/Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Required Documentation

Completed Directive 11 Documentation and Approval Form, including the following:

  • Receipt/Contract/Agreement supporting all expenses paid
  • List of all attendees
  • Location and description of event