Account Representatives

Contacts for Accounting Services & Financial Reporting are identified by category and/or functional area and will provide the highest level of service and support.

Accounting Services & Financial Reporting
Functional Area Primary Contact

Month-End & Year-End Closing
- State Controller's Office (SCO) Annual Reporting
- Quarterly FIRMS Submission to the Chancellor's Office
- GAAP Financial Reporting & Audit
CFS Finance Subject Matter Expert

Lynn Gañac
(657) 278-8474
GAAP Financial Reporting & Audit
IPEDS Reporting
FIRMS Reporting

Evajoy "EJ" Tito
Financial Reporting Manager
(657) 278-8356

Functional Area Primary Contact

Expenditure Transfer Request (ETR form)
ASB/IRA Monthly Report
Trust Account Renewal

Justin Chan
Accountant III
(657) 278-8371

Fixed Asset & Campus Debt Reconciliation
Student Financial Services Accounting (Federal Work Study, CAL Grant, SMART & ACG, SUG, EOP, etc.)
Student Financial Services Reconciliations (PELL, FSEOG, Direct Loan, Teach Grant)
Manage, Schedule and Review of Campus Financial Aid Drawdowns
FISAP (Fiscal Operations Report and Application to Participate)
Single Audit (A-133)
Housing A/R & Reconciliation
Arboretum Financial Reporting

Dawit Haile
Accountant III
(657) 278-4244

Due To/From Account Reconciliation
Transfer In/Out Reconciliation
Fund Balance Clearing Reconciliation
Investment Distribution Allocation (IDA)
Plan of Financial Adjustment (PFA)
State Fire Marshall Cash Posting Order
Chargeback Processing 

Tony Lee
Accountant III
(657) 278-2044

Bank Reconciliation
Accounts Receivable (Statement, Aging, Dunning Letter)
Billing Dispute
Chargeback Processing (PCD, STP, FLT, HBC, POS)
Auto Invoicing/Scrape and Allocation

Estrella Mangahas
Accountant II
(657) 278-5386

Cash Posting Orders (CPO)
Acctg Dept - Notice of Acctg Transaction (AD NOAT)
Escheat Liability
Cancelled Warrants and Re-issuance 
Trust Admin Fee
Trust Account Review
SAM99 Reconciliation
SCO Journal Entry
Payroll Accounts Receivable and Reconciliation
SCO Remittance
Department of General Services (DGS) Invoice


Betty Neri
Accountant II
(657) 278-4485

Process CashNet Files and AR Update
Non-student Billing (Request for Invoice form)

Jessica Macaspac
Accountant I
(657) 278-4246

GAAP Reporting Coordinators:
Steven Yim
Lynn Gañac
Evajoy "EJ" Tito
Dawit Haile
Tony Lee

(657) 278-4075
(657) 278-8474
(657) 278-8356
(657) 278-4244
(657) 278-2044