Account Representatives

Contacts for Accounting Services & Financial Reporting are identified by category and/or functional area and will provide the highest level of service and support.

Accounting Services & Financial Reporting
Functional Area Primary Contact

Month-End & Year-End Closing
- State Controller's Office (SCO) Annual Reporting
- Quarterly FIRMS Submission to the Chancellor's Office
- GAAP Financial Reporting & Audit
CFS Finance Subject Matter Expert

Lynn Gañac
(657) 278-8474
GAAP Financial Reporting & Audit
IPEDS Reporting
FIRMS Reporting

Evajoy "EJ" Tito
Financial Reporting Manager
(657) 278-8356

Functional Area Primary Contact

Bank Reconciliation
ASB/IRA Monthly Report
Trust Account Renewal

Justin Chan
Accountant II
(657) 278-8371

Fixed Asset & Campus Debt Reconciliation
Student Financial Services Accounting (Federal Work Study, CAL Grant, SMART & ACG, SUG, EOP, etc.)
FISAP (Fiscal Operations Report and Application to Participate)
Single Audit (A-133)
Manage, Schedule and Review of Campus Financial Aid Drawdowns (back-up)
Arboretum Financial Reporting (back-up)

Dawit Haile
Accountant III
(657) 278-4244

Due To/From Account Reconciliation
Transfer In/Out Reconciliation
Fund Balance Clearing Reconciliation
Investment Distribution Allocation (IDA)
Plan of Financial Adjustment (PFA)
Non-student Billing (Request for Invoice form)
State Fire Marshall Cash Posting Order

Tony Lee
Accountant III
(657) 278-2044

Cash Posting Orders (CPO)
Accounts Receivable (Statement, Aging, Dunning Letter)
Billing Dispute
Acctg Dept - Notice of Acctg Transaction (AD NOAT)
Chargeback Processing
Auto Invoicing/Scrape and Allocation

Estrella Mangahas
Accountant II
(657) 278-5386

Expenditure Transfer Request (ETR form)
Escheat Liability
Trust Admin Fee
Trust Account Maintenance & Review
SAM99 Reconciliation
SCO Journal Entry
Payroll Accounts Receivable and Reconciliation
SCO Remittance
Department of General Services (DGS) Invoice

Betty Neri
Accountant II
(657) 278-4485

Process CashNet Files and AR Update
Arboretum Financial Reporting
Student Financial Services Reconciliations (PELL, FSEOG, Direct Loan, Teach Grant)
Manage, Schedule and Review of Campus Financial Aid Drawdowns
Housing A/R & Reconciliation

Lan Tran
Accountant II
(657) 278-4246

GAAP Reporting Coordinators:
Steven Yim
Lynn Gañac
Dawit Haile
Tony Lee

(657) 278-4075
(657) 278-8474
(657) 278-4244
(657) 278-2044