Concur Pre-Implementation

  • Reduce the average time to complete pre-authorization by 50% over FY 14-15
  • Reduce processing travel reimbursement by at least 50% over FY 14-15
  • Improve the accuracy of submitted travel forms
  • 38% (n=714) response rate
  • Administered February 4–12, 2016
  • Focus on level of satisfaction of the overall travel request and travel expense claim process
  • 81 participants
  • 12 focus groups conducted February 29, March 2, and March 8, 2016
  • Focus on how to improve the travel request and travel expense claim process

How might we improve the travel approval and the travel expense claim processes?

  • Automate entire travel request and approval process
  • Expedite approval of travel request
  • Provide updates on status of outstanding travel requests and expense claims

How might the Travel Request and Travel Expense Claim processes be improved?


  • Consistency
    • Internal department processes
    • Policy changes
  • Simplify / Flexible
    • Number of approvals
    • "Complicated forms"
    • Receipts
  • Transparency
    • Notifications; status of approval/reimbursement

Focus Groups:

  • Simplify the process
  • Internal department processes cause delays
  • Managing paper receipts
  • Notification of status of approval/reimbursement
  • Reduce the number of approvals:
    • Multiple signatures delay the process and travelers cannot take advantage of “early bird” rates
  • Standardize the internal department process:
    • Faculty cannot travel on short notice if “lead time” for routing travel documents is not met
  • Simplify and speed up the process:
    • Electronic routing for approvals; upload receipts and documents for reimbursement
  • Transparency and communication:
    • Workflow to inform travelers / preparers the status of documents
    • Timely notification to travelers, preparers, approvers to take action
  • Implement an electronic solution:
    • Smart form to auto-populate information
    • Workflow routing (on-line approvals)
    • Ability to use any type of electronic device
Concur Functionality Travel Request Travel Expense Claim
SSO and auto-populate traveler info X X
Electronic workflow, routing and approval X X
CSU Travel Policies incorporated into business rules X X
Ability to upload receipts   X
Ability to use mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets X X
Duty of Care X Risk Messaging
Management Reports X X
Travel Agent Integration