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Features and Benefits

Travel and Expense Management

California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) has begun the implementation of a travel and expense management system, which will automate the travel authorization and reimbursement processes as well as the process for reconciling University Procurement Card expenses. The travel and expense management project is the result of the Administration & Finance Division’s organizational efficiency plan which focuses on streamlining and improving business and administrative processes. The automation of these processes involves the integration of the University's finance system with Concur’s travel and expense workflow management solution software. As a result, some business practices will require modification to ensure a seamless integration and implementation. The objectives of the redesign are to:

  • Streamline and simplify the overall travel and expense management process
  • Integrate a Travel Agency in order to increase available services to travelers; and to provide visibility into the travel spend for leverage in negotiating discounts with suppliers
  • Provide improved risk management


Concur and ExpenseConcur is the leading provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions. Several benefits of using the Concur and Expense system include:

  • Automation of the booking, authorization, and reimbursement processes
  • "One stop shop" for booking, and expense reimbursement, with CSUF travel policy built in for compliance
  • Provides smartphone apps to make travel arrangements, attach receipts, submit requests/reimbursements, and/or approve travel/expense from anywhere, anytime
  • Provides Management Reporting

There are three roles in Concur: Traveler/P-Card Holder, Approver, and Delegate/Preparer.

  • Traveler/P-Card Holder: The Traveler/P-Card Holder may initiate travel requests and/or book travel, or may choose to have a delegate prepare a travel request, book travel and prepare expense reports on their behalf. However, every traveler must submit their own expense report.
  • Approver: The approver will be responsible for approving the travel request or the expense report. This role may be delegated by the employee to another approver within his/her department.
  • Delegate/Preparer: The delegate may initiate travel requests, book travel and/or expense reports on behalf of the traveler; or may be delegated the authority to approve travel requests and/or create expense reports based on the Delegation of Authority.

Corporate Travel Planners (CTP) provides cost effective, personalized, and hassle-free business travel management and resources:

  • Experienced team of travel agents
  • Integration of online and full-service bookings for policy compliance and service delivery
  • Airline, rental car, and hotel savings program

Common Finance System (CFS)Concur will be integrated with the University CFS system to reimburse travelers. Benefits of this integration are:

  • Reduced data entry
  • Fast turn-around time for reimbursement

Implementation Methodology

In order to ensure a fluid and successful adoption, Concur will be implemented in two phases:

  • Phase I – Travel Request, Travel Booking, Travel Expense Reports, and P-Card Reconciliation
  • Phase II – Auxiliary Services Corp, Associated Students Inc. (ASI) and CSUF Philanthropic Foundation

Pilot Group – September 2017

  • Division of Administration and Finance

Phase I – October 2017 (estimated timeframe)

October 2017
  • Division of Information Technology
December 2017
  • Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion
  • University Advancement
  • President’s Office
February 2018
  • Student Affairs
Academic Affairs
April 2018
  • Provost Office
  • Business and Economics
  • Engineering and Computer Science
September 2018
  • Communications
  • Health and Human Development
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
November 2018
  • Library
  • Arts
  • Education
  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • University Extended Education

Phase II

January 2019
  • Auxiliary Services Corp
  • Associate Students Inc. (ASI)
  • CSUF Philanthropic Foundation

The system will be made available to the entire campus in phases and is expected to be fully implemented by January 2019.

Concur Implementation Teams

Project Team

Debbie Hagman Travel Program Coordinator 5385 dhagman@fullerton.edu
Joe Ferrer Travel Business Process Improvement Project Lead 7267 jferrer@fullerton.edu
Joe Luzzi University IT 3251 jluzzi@fullerton.edu
Le Lam ASC Travel Policy Coordinator 4112 llam@fullerton.edu
Lori Arthur-Carmichael Training 5792 larthur@fullerton.edu
Mary Ann Torres Director, Accounts Payable & Travel 5735 mtorres@fullerton.edu
May Wong Travel Business Process Improvement Project Assistant 4708 maywong@fullerton.edu
Nelson Nagai Director, Contracts & Procurement 2413 nnagai@fullerton.edu
Rachel Lasser Division IT 8529 rlasser@fullerton.edu
Ramesh Purohit University IT 3936 rpurohit@fullerton.edu
Steven Yim University Controller 4075 syim@fullerton.edu
Tariq Marji Auxiliary Service Corp. (ASC) Chief Financial Officer 4140 tmarji@fullerton.edu
Welson Badal Division IT 2908 wbadal@fullerton.edu

Integration Team

Edison Lim 3240 elim@fullerton.edu
Joe Luzzi 3251 jluzzi@fullerton.edu
Mony Nhong 3520 mnhong@fullerton.edu
Ramesh Purohit 3936 rpurohit@fullerton.edu

Training Team

Clara Bowman 5387 cbowman@fullerton.edu
Le Lam 4112 llam@fullerton.edu
Lori Arthur-Carmichael 5792 larthur@fullerton.edu
Melissa Dominguez 2516 mdominguez@fullerton.edu
Pauline Laverde 4367 palaverde@fullerton.edu

Roll-Out Team

Melissa Dominguez 2516 mdominguez@fullerton.edu
Rachel Lasser 8529 rlasser@fullerton.edu
Welson Badal 2908 wbadal@fullerton.edu

Travel Advisory Group

Alyssa Adamson Division of Information Technology
Brian Killeen College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Chris Johnson College of The Arts
Dianna Malinao College of Health and Human Development
Jamie Reim College of Education
Laleh Graylee Division of Administration and Finance
Linh Tran College of Business and Economics
Lisa Kopecky Division of Academic Affairs
Marilyn dela Cruz Division of Administration and Finance
Mary Ortiz College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Nene Williams Division of Information Technology
Phenicia McCullough Division of Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion
Rob Scialdone Division of Student Affairs
Sandy Norell College of Engineering and Computer Science
Selene Faire College of Communication
Steve Chan University Extended Education
Tara Garcia Division of University Advancement