Roles and Responsibilities

Each University department has the primary responsibility for the custody, care, maintenance, and control of property assigned to their respective area. University department roles and responsibilities are defined as follows:

I. University Employees

University employees have an obligation to safeguard University property. This obligation includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Using and maintaining property in an appropriate manner. Property may not be sold, traded, thrown away or disposed of in any manner without the prior written authorization of the AMO;
  2. Returning property to the University prior to separation from the University;
  3. Taking reasonable security precautions to discourage loss, theft, or misuse of property;
  4. Reporting lost or stolen Property to the University Police Department.

II. Department IT Coordinator (DITC)

The Department IT Coordinator (DITC) is responsible for the media sanitization certification for all media storage devices surveyed for their respective area.

III. Departmental Asset Record Keeper (DARK)

The departments Asset Record Keeper is responsible for:

  1. Coordinating the tagging of inventory that is delivered directly to the campus department and ensuring that all property is appropriately tagged;
  2. Ensuring that all property is properly maintained and secured;
  3. Coordinating the Physical Inventory process with the AMO, signing-off on any required Physical Inventory Certification forms;
  4. Coordinating internal/external audits with the AMO;

IV. Appropriate Administrator

The Appropriate Administrator is the primary contact and approver for department property related transactions with the Assets Management Office (AMO) and is responsible for:

  1. Ensuring that all property is properly tagged, maintained and secured;
  2. Designating an Asset Record Keeper (ARK) to their department and an alternate ARK;
  3. Notifying the AMO within 10 business days when a new ARK or alternate ARK is assigned to the department;

V. University Police

University Police is responsible for handling all firearms on campus.

VI. Accounting Services and Financial Reporting

The Accounting Services and Financial Reporting Office maintains the University financial accounting records for University inventory and capitalizes and depreciates assets in accordance with existing guidelines.

VII. Assets Management Office (AMO)

The Assets Management Office (AMO) has established campus procedures and responsibilities for acquiring, maintaining, tracking, retiring and disposing of University property. The Assets Management Office is responsible for the following:

  1. Tagging all inventoried items;
  2. Recording and maintaining all inventory acquisitions and transactions in the University asset management database;
  3. Coordinating and conducting physical inventories and internal/external audits with campus Departments;
  4. Coordinating the annual update of the Asset Record Keeper and Designated Division Approvers;
  5. Processing all property survey/transfer forms;