Procurement Card Fraud

Important Security Tips:

  • Review transactions monthly
  • Keep email addresses and phone numbers updated with the Procurement Card Program
  • Sign the card
  • When the card is not in use, the card should be kept in an accessible but secure location
  • The cardholder whose name appears on the front of the card is the only authorized user of the card
  • Shred any documents/receipts containing card account information before disposal
  • If you suspect fraudulent activity, notify the bank immediately by calling; 800-344-5696 and send an email to informing us that fraudulent activity has been reported
  • If you would like further information on the difference between a fraud case and a dispute case, you can select the following link: US Bank Fraud/Dispute DocumentPDF File Opens in new window

If your card is lost or stolen: Report the missing card to the bank immediately by calling 800-344-5696 and send an email to informing us that the card has been lost or stolen.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. A person from the US Bank Fraud Team just called me. What do I do?

    1. Verify that the individual contacting you is a valid US Bank representative. Ask them for a call back number that routes you to their main customer service phone number (800-344-5696).
    2. Use the call back number to contact the individual. If this number confirms their identity as a US Bank representative, proceed with providing them information needed to resolve the situation identified by the Fraud Team.
    3. You will be asked to provide a Social Security Number. Reminder: The information you need to give is you Campus Wide ID (CWID). Do not provide them with your Social Security Number. When verifying information, do not give the card number to the representative; ask them to read the card number and confirm the information provided.
    4. If it is determined that the transaction is fraudulent, the bank will send you an affidavit. Forward a copy of the affidavit with your packet to the Procurement Card Program, CP-300.

    Note: Cardholder's are not held liable for unauthorized/fraudulent charges when they are properly reported to US Bank, which includes submitting all required fraud documents to US Bank by the dates provided by US Bank.

  2. Why can't my assistant request information regarding my Procurement Card or Access Online™ login?

    The Cardholder, whose name appears on the front of the card, or Responsible Person, for Department Pcards, is the only authorized individual to request and receive information pertaining to the card.

  3. I just received an "unusual" email from the bank with an attachment or links requesting account and personal information. What do I do?

    Do not reply to the email. Please forward the email to We will research and provide direction immediately.

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