Procurement Card Authorized Service Providers

Revised: January 2018

Pursuant to Procurement Card policy, any purchase/transaction for services is prohibited unless they are listed as authorized in this list, or a specific transaction/purchase is authorized in advance by Contracts and Procurement through the issuance of a Q#. Please note some services may require additional authorizations (Directive 11, Travel Authorization, etc.):

  • Mail Services using off-campus vendors
    Approved Vendors: U.S. Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, DHL
  • Key and lock services for departments in non-State operated facilities
    Approved Vendor: Cypress Lock and Key (College Park), Controlled Key Systems, Inc. (Irvine Campus)
  • Drycleaners (except when the cost of services provided is greater than $2,500)
    Approved Vendors: Sayomi’s Tailoring and Cleaners
  • iPad Data Service (University owned iPads)
    Approved Vendors: AT&T, Verizon
  • Bottled Water Service
    Approved Vendor: Nestle Waters North America (Arrowhead)
  • Travel Services (for officially approved University travel)
    • Transportation charges (airfare, train, taxi, shuttle, etc.)
    • Conference registration fees
    • Rental car agency (Enterprise Rent A Car)
    • Lodging

Only the specific services and service providers referenced above may be purchased on a Pcard. All other services provided by vendors not listed above are prohibited unless a "Q" number is issued by Contracts and Procurement before the service is provided.

All documents must be sent to the Procurement Card Program for review either by interoffice mail (CP-300) or by email ( Submittal of documents does not grant authorization to begin work on the service being provided. Work can only begin when a Q# is issued by Contracts and Procurement.

REMINDER – Violation of Procurement Card Policy may lead to suspension, or revocation of the Procurement Card.

Due to liability and performance issues, all contracts for services are required to be reviewed and signed by Contracts and Procurement. Only Contracts and Procurement is authorized to enter into contracts on behalf of the University. Master Agreements fulfill this requirement and those services are allowed on the Procurement Card.

Procurement Card Cardholder Reminder

Leaving the campus to conduct authorized University business is considered travel and is subject to all University Travel policies. Though not inclusive, below is a list of examples of purchases which have a travel component:

• Food pick up for an authorized University event (an event paid for with University funds and an approved D11)
• Errands such as pick up of office supplies, event supplies, small equipment and accessories, etc.
• A business meal at a restaurant
• Off campus University event (department retreat, professional development, awards banquet, etc.)

Please refer to the following travel policy websites for the requirements and campus travel policy:

Requirements to Drive on University Business:

Campus Travel policies and procedures:

The information on this page is subject to change without notice. Please reference this page before purchasing any service for current information.