Office Supply Program

What's New? Date Posted
Office Supply Program Vendor Change Update PDF File Opens in new window September 15, 2015
Office Supply Program Vendor Change Announcement PDF File Opens in new window September 2, 2015

Office Supply Ordering System

The CSU has contracted with Staples to provide campuses a convenient method of purchasing office supplies and other items to support department operations.

Office Supply Program users and approvers have been granted an official delegation of purchasing authority and assume certain fiduciary responsibilities.


Existing users and approvers may access Staples Advantage by going to Opens in new window .

New users and approvers must complete the Office Supply Program Application and submit to Contracts and Procurement, CP-300.  Click here to go to the eBusiness Forms website.

CSU Employee Discount Program

Enjoy the same CSU discounts on the things you buy for you and your family using your personal credit card.  There are two options to choose from for the CSU/Staples employee discount program. Click here for the CSU Employee Discount Program PDF File Opens in new window registration flyer.

Personal participation in either CSU Employee Discount program is purely voluntary.  Employees are under no obligation to do so and provide their personal information during the registration process at their sole discretion.  CSU, Fullerton is not responsible for any issues which may arise from an employee's voluntary personal participation in the CSU Employee Discount programs.

Staples Account Representative

The Staples account representative for our campus is Jennifer Boren.  To reach Jennifer, you can either send an email to, or call (714) 868-4243. 

Staples Advantage User Guides

Please use the following user guides to access and place orders and/or approve orders.