Vendor Information Guide

The Bidding Process

Cal State Fullerton utilizes CSU Systemwide Agreements, Master Pricing Agreements, strategic sourcing, cooperatives and consortiums, and various other purchasing programs whenever possible to achieve maximum discounts through volume purchases.

Formal soliciations (IFB's or RFP's) for the acquisition of goods or services require published advertising in Bidsync.  Contracts and Procurement will advertise formal solicitaions for goods and services greater than $50,000 and either post the bid documents directly onto the site for downloading, or furnish bid documents upon written request from interested parties.  

The bid or proposal will indicate a specific date and time for the sealed bid responses to be publicly opened and read. Bids received after the closing date and time will be rejected. After the bid opening, Contracts and Procurement will evaluate all submittals to determine final awardee in accordance with the evaluation criteria listed in the bid or proposal documents.

CSU and State contracting opportunities may be viewed at