Vendor Information Guide

Construction Projects

Construction projects are administered at the campus level. Major Capital Projects have a value greater than $400,000 and Minor Capital Projects have a value of less than $400,000. Contracts and Procurement obtains bids for each project following new and traditional methods of construction procurement in accordance with SUAM 9000 guidelines.

No bids are required for projects under $5,000 and award may be made without competition. Public Works Minor Capital Projects from $5,000 to $400,000 require at least three competitive bids and are often processed through the Job Order Contract process.

Public Works Major Capital Projects valued at $400,000 or greater are subject to the bidding provisions of the Public Contract code and CSU Contract law. Contractors must be pre-qualified through the CSU Office of the Chancellor for projects greater than $400,000.

Professional services agreements (services related to public works projects, architect or engineer agreements) may be awarded in any amount after negotiation. Architects and engineers must be pre-qualified through the CSU Office of the Chancellor.

All public works projects require legal counsel approval. In addition to Legal Counsel, only Contracts and Procurement is authorized to sign or approve construction agreements.