Financial Services Policies, Procedures and Guidelines


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Accounts Payable Check Request Process Accounts Payable3/27/2013
Accounts Payable Guidelines Accounts Payable3/22/2013
Bid Information Contracts and Procurement3/22/2013
Blanket Travel Request - Policy and Procedures Travel Operations1/22/2013
Campus Catering Contracts and Procurement1/28/2016
Chargeback Guidelines Accounting Services & Financial Reporting3/22/2013
Common Purchases Guidelines Contracts and Procurement6/18/2013
Contracts and Procurement Buyer Operations Manual Contracts and Procurement10/1/2005
Contracts and Procurement Policy and Procedures Contracts and Procurement10/9/2013
Cost Recovery Guidelines Accounting Services & Financial Reporting4/18/2013
CSU Master Pricing Agreements Contracts and Procurement3/22/2013
CSUF Cash Management Policy Controller/SFS/University Tax5/1/2018
Delegation Authority / Responsibility Budget Planning and Administration3/22/2013
Directive 11 Guidelines Contracts and Procurement7/21/2015
Employee Travel Expense - Policy and Procedures Travel Operations1/22/2013
Expenditure Transfer Request (ETR) Guidelines Accounting Services & Financial Reporting3/22/2013
Finance Data Warehouse (OBIEE) Guidelines Accounting Services & Financial Reporting8/29/2013
International Agreement Guidelines Contracts and Procurement3/22/2013
Invoicing (Billing) Guidelines Accounting Services & Financial Reporting3/22/2013
IRS Form 1098-T Information Student Financial Services5/28/2013
Maximum Per-Person Rates for Hospitality Meals and Light Refreshments Accounts Payable7/21/2015
Membership Guidelines Accounts Payable10/8/2013
Moving & Relocation for New Employees Guidelines Travel Operations8/14/2013
On-Campus Interview Expenses Guidelines Travel Operations11/7/2012
PCI DSS Business Standards University Controller9/1/2016
Perkins Loan Collections Student Financial Services9/27/2012
Petty Cash & Change Funds Guidelines Accounting Services & Financial Reporting3/22/2013
Petty Cash Guidelines Accounts Payable3/22/2013
Procurement Card Program Policy and Guidelines Contracts and Procurement5/7/2013
Request a new Chartfield Accounting Services and Financial Reporting / Budget Planning and Administration9/20/2013
Requirements to Drive on University Business Guidelines Travel Operations4/26/2013
Sales and Use Tax Overview Accounts Payable3/22/2013
Student Fee Information Student Financial Services6/28/2013
Student Refund Information Student Financial Services11/2/2012
Student Travel Guidelines Travel Operations8/16/2013
Tax Compliance Information Tax Compliance3/22/2013
Travel Policy for Non-Employees (Formerly Guest Travel) Travel Operations7/21/2015
Trip Cancellation Guidelines Travel Operations3/22/2013
Trust Fund Guidelines Accounting Services & Financial Reporting3/22/2013
Tuition Payment Options and Locations Student Financial Services9/4/2013
Vendor Information Guidelines Contracts and Procurement3/22/2013
Vendor Inquiry Guidelines Accounts Payable3/27/2013
Vendor Invoice with Purchase Order Guidelines Accounts Payable3/22/2013