Trip Cancelled / Changed

Revised: November 14, 2014

If a trip must be cancelled or changed, the travelers must make every effort to cancel/change any travel reservations. Fees incurred as a result of cancelling/changing a trip will be covered if the cancelation/change was work related or due to unforeseen circumstances out of the control of the traveler. A business justification must be submitted and approved by the approving authority.

Travelers who are unable to honor a reservation shall be responsible for canceling the reservation in compliance with the cancellation terms established by the hotel, airline, etc. The traveler must return any refundable deposits to the University.

Changes or lost refunds resulting from failure to cancel reservations, registrations, etc. shall not be reimbursed unless the traveler can show that such failure was the result of circumstances beyond the traveler’s control.

The traveler shall be responsible for promptly returning for a refund any unused or partially used transportation tickets.

Submit the approved Travel Expense Claim, a business justification must be explained in the remarks section on the claim, and receipt(s) to Travel Operations CP-300.

Trip Cancelled – No Expenses Incurred

If the trip was cancelled and no travel expenses were incurred by the traveler or paid by the University, send an email to with the following information to close out the Travel Request:

  • Traveler's Name
  • Document Number
  • Brief explanation that the trip was cancelled and no expenses were paid by the University