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Travel Operations

The mission of Travel Operations is to serve as a support function to meet the University's goals and objectives. The primary goal of Travel Operations is to provide for timely and accurate recording of University travel-related expenditures and to ensure that CSUF employees, vendors, and on-campus candidates are paid in a timely, accurate and efficient manner consistent with the overall guidelines and regulations.

What's New? Date 
Delegation of Authority Approval Form (Directive 11) pdf  July 21, 2015
Directive 11 Form pdf  July 21, 2015
Maximum Per-Person Rates for Hospitality Meals and Light Refreshments pdf  July 21, 2015
Non-CSUF Employee Reimbursable Expenses (Non-Contracted) pdf  July 21, 2015
Summary of D11 Changes pdf  July 21, 2015
Travel Policy for Non-CSUF Employees (Formerly Guest Travel) pdf  July 21, 2015

Blanket Travel Request (Rev. 7/2015)
Travel Request Blanket [Excel]

Monthly Mileage Detail (Rev. 7/2015)
Monthly Mileage Detail [Excel]

Total Miles (Private vehicle) column – width enlarged

July 7, 2015
Travel Expense Claim (Rev. 7/2015) PDF Icon

Added 4th row in section (14) CHARTFIELD
July 6, 2015

Archive Items

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