Trust Funds

In accordance with Section 89721 of the Education Code, money received in connection with certain sources or purposes shall be deposited and maintained in a Trust Account. For CSUF, these include:

  • Room, board, and similar expenses of students enrolled in the international program of the California State University;
  • Cafeteria replacement funds.
  • Miscellaneous receipts in the nature of deposits subject to return upon approval of a proper application;
  • Fees and charges for services, materials and facilities provided by the campus which fees and charges shall be used solely to meet the costs of providing the services, materials and facilities;
  • Money received by the trustees for research, workshops, conferences, institutes, and special projects.
  • Money collected as higher education fees and income from students of any campus of the California State University and from other persons pursuant to Section 89700. The Controller shall have the authority to audit the expenditure of these funds.