Accounting Services & Financial Reporting (ASFR) Forms

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Deposit or Reimbursement to University Account
(Macro-enabled spreadsheet)

Worksheet: CSUF Deposit to Univ Account (Version 19.0)

  • Submitted by departments to the Cashier's Office to deposit funds
  • Record non-student revenue

Worksheet: CSUF PCD Reimb Form (NEW) (Version 20.0)

  • Use to reimburse the University for disallowed purchases (PCD transaction must be posted to account 660898 in Concur or US Bank Access Online)

Version 19.0
Rev 11/2018


Version 20.0
Rev 11/2018



Request for Invoice (RFI) Opens in new window


  • On-demand request for an expense reimbursement that’s already been made (abatement)
  • On-demand request to record accounts receivable (revenue)
Version 7.0
Rev 11/2018
Chartfield Request PDF File Opens in new window  
  • Request a new chartfield
  • Modify an existing chartfield
  • Inactivate an existing chartfield
Rev 12/2012



Expenditure Transfer Request (ETR)
(Macro-enabled spreadsheet)
  • Process expenditure corrections
  • Process adjustments
  • Bill another CSUF department or CSUF Auxiliary Organization (invoice is generated on the 5th business day of the month)
  • Used by accountants to upload journal entries into the PeopleSoft Financial system (CFS)
Version 17.0
Rev 11/2018
New Trust Account Agreement PDF File Opens in new window
  • Establish new trust fund
Rev 09/2015 DL-Accounting
New Service Provider (formerly Recharge Center) PDF File Opens in new window  
  • Request to be a new Service Provider
Rev 03/2013 DL-ASFR

Custodian Transfer Request – Change/Petty Cash Funds PDF File Opens in new window  

  • Transfer custodian of petty cash or change fund
Rev 08/2012 DL-ASFR
For Service Providers Only:

CSU Chargebacks Template
(Macro-enabled spreadsheet)

  • Used by Service Providers to upload chargeback transaction into the PeopleSoft Financial system (CFS)

NOTE: Speedcharts list updated as of 11/01/2018

Version 4.0
Rev 11/2018
Chargebacks THERA Account Analysis 
  • Submitted by CSUF Service Providers to analyze THERA balance (revenue surplus or deficit) prior to year-end
Version 3.0
Rev 06/2014
Training Forms:
(CSUF_POD112: Learn Forms for Accounting Services and Financial Reporting (Hands-On Training))
Deposit or Reimbursement to University Account - TRAINING 
(Macro-enabled spreadsheet)
  NOTE: Email Will NOT be Sent to Accounting Services Versions 19.0 & 20.0
Rev 05/2017
Expenditure Transfer Request - TRAINING
(Macro-enabled spreadsheet)
Opens in new window
  NOTE: Email Will NOT be Sent to Accounting Services Version 18.0
Rev 08/2015