Expenditure Transfer Request (ETR)

Campus department users submit the Expenditure Transfer Request (ETR) form to process expenditure corrections, adjustments or billing. Some examples are:

  • Correcting payment(s) from a purchase order (PO) set up with the wrong chartfield(s).
    NOTE: If necessary, submit a Change Order Request form to Contracts & Procurement to correct the PO's chartfields.
  • Correct keying errors while processing invoices for travel claims or check requests
  • Allocating expenses between departments (one department pays for expense and then charges other departments)
  • Billing another CSUF department for facility rental, insurance premium, etc.
  • Billing a CSUF Auxiliary Organization by using 7xxx billable program codes
  • Reclassifying a CASHNet deposit for an expense abatement using CASHNet item Code S4000 (will post to 580093 (Other Non-operating Revenues); 580093  should be reclassified to the appropriate expense account (6xxxxx)
  • Transfer funds for scholarships (check with Dawit Haile @ Ext 4244)


IMPORTANT:  Contact Budget Planning and Administration for ALL salary related adjustments (601xxx/602xxx/603xxx).

Form: Expenditure Transfer Request (ETR) form

The ETR form has built in macros that convert the data into the required CSV format which is then used by the accountants to upload into the PeopleSoft Financial system (CFS). Regardless of the number of lines, please send the form via e-mail to DL-Accounting_Services.

Click here for Instructions to enable Macro for ETR

Important notes to remember when completing the ETR form:

  • Department that is receiving the charge/expense must approve the form
  • Accounting Services & Financial Reporting will only process ORIGINAL forms
  • Back-up documentation must be attached (if applicable, attach OBIEE Actuals Detail (between Accounting Periods) report)
  • In most cases, only current year transactions can be corrected
  • D-11 required for Visions & Visionaries and Legend and Legacies events
  • Purchase Order required when billing a CSUF Auxiliary Organization (use of 7xxx billable program codes)
  • Form must net to zero (balance by fund)

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ETR Examples:

ETR Example