Finance Data Warehouse (OBIEE)

A data warehouse is an online repository for information. The Finance Data Warehouse contains data from the PeopleSoft Financial system (CFS) and allows end users to view, filter and search for information. It is updated nightly providing data current as of close of business (COB) the night before.

Financial data from fiscal year 2007 onwards can be accessed in the Campus Portal under Titan Online > Business Intelligence > OBIEE11g – BI/Dashboards. 

OBIEE 11g-BI/Dashboards

Some of the OBIEE reports are listed below:

My Queries Dashboard

  • Chargebacks
  • Service Provider Chargebacks


Rev/Exp (CFS) and Rev/Exp (Legacy) Dashboards

  • Revenue/Expense Summary
  • Revenue/Expense Summary (without All University Benefits Pool)
  • Revenue/Expense Summary (with Project to Date)
  • Actuals Detail (between Accounting Periods)


NOTE:  CFS Data = FY 2010 onwards; CMS (Legacy) = FY 2007 to FY 2009 only

This section covers some fields that are specific to the Actuals Detail (between Accounting Periods) report.

Field Description
Doc Src Identifies the source of the transaction
Journal ID Identification number associated with the accounting transaction; the first few characters or prefix further identifies the source of the transaction
Reference Line reference for the transaction if entered; may denote a Purchase Order or Work Order number, CASHNet Item Code, or other identifying information
Reference 1 Additional reference information for the transaction; for HCM transactions, this includes FTE statistics amount if applicable; for Accounts Payable transactions (Doc Src = VCH), this includes the PO ID associated with the transaction
Reference 2 Additional reference information for the transaction
Fiscal Year Financial year (07/01 to 06/30); denoted by the first calendar year of the fiscal period during which the transaction occurred (Ex. 2012-2013 = Fiscal Year 2012)
Accounting Period Period for which financial statements are prepared; CSUF follows the calendar month
               1 – July                      2 - August                      3 - September
               4 - October                5 - November                 6 - December
               7 - January                8 - February                   9 - March
               10 - April                   11 - May                         12 - June
Actuals Transaction amount


Doc Src Journal ID Prefix Journal Description & Source of Data Contact
ABN 0000 (no prefix) Axx = Entries originating in Accounting Services & Financial Reporting (Expenditure Transfer Requests)

Sxx = Entries originating in Student Financial Services

Last 2 characters of Doc Src represent the initials of the accountant who processed the entry
Betty Neri ~ Ext. 4485
ADH Dawit Haile ~ Ext. 4244
AEM Estrella Mangahas ~ Ext. 5386
AET Evajoy Tito ~ Ext. 8356
AJC Justin Chan ~ Ext. 8371
ALG Lynn Gañac ~ Ext. 8474
ATL Tony Lee ~ Ext. 2044
AWL Winnie Lin ~ Ext. 4246
ALO ALO Allocations are system generated entries that distribute monetary amounts across departments or any other ChartField defined in PeopleSoft General Ledger (CFS) Lynn Gañac ~ Ext. 8474
BIL BI Amounts invoiced to outside entities or CSUF Auxiliary Organizations Winnie Lin ~ Ext. 4246
CSU Various Service Providers' chargeback transactions (COP, OFM, PCD, PHY, etc.) Service Provider Contact List
CRS Deposits fed from CASHNet system
HCM HRA Salary adjustments (LCD) fed from the Human Resources PeopleSoft system Accounting Services & Financial Reporting will coordinate with the appropriate department
HRL Salary expenses (LCD) fed from the Human Resources PeopleSoft system
SFS SFS Fees, other revenues, and refunds fed from the Student Administration PeopleSoft system
VCH APV Amounts invoiced by vendors and travel charges
APC Closure of an "APV" voucher (invoice)