Chapter 15 - Capital Projects - Funding for University Facilities


Capital Expenditures

  • Costs incurred to acquire or construct a capital asset, defined in Chapter 13 of the GAAP Reporting Manual as “. . . real or personal property that has a unit acquisition cost equal to or greater than $5,000 and an estimated life greater than one year.”
  • MUST use 56xxxxxx & 57xxxxxx Project IDs
    • 56xxxxxx - Major capital project costing more than $709,000
    • 57xxxxxx - Minor capital project costing less than or equal to $709,000


Recurring Maintenance and Repair

  • Costs that are “routine” in nature.
  • Included in the Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) to evaluate financial viability of capital projects by CSU management.
  • MUST use new 66006x accounts


Account Account Description Definition
660061 Rep & Maint - Building Maint For activities related to routine repair and maintenance of buildings and permanently attached components (such as boilers and air conditioning systems).
660062 Rep & Maint - Custodial Srvc For activities related to custodial services in buildings. 
660063 Rep & Maint - Util (TRI-GEN) For activities related to the delivery of heating, cooling, light and power, gas, water and any other utilities necessary for the operation of the physical plant.  This account is to be used ONLY by campuses with a co-generation plant.  It is not to be used for repairs and maintenance of equipment used to receive utility services.  For example, repairs to electrical outlets or faucets would be charged to 660061, Repairs and Maintenance - Building Maintenance, and not to this account.
660064 Rep & Maint - Landscape & Grnd For activities related to landscaping and grounds maintenance.


Non-Recurring Maintenance and Repair

  • Costs that are NOT "routine" in nature.
  • Excluded from Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR)
  • MAY use new 66006x accounts or other non-capital expenditure accounts if more appropriate (e.g., 613001 (Contractual Service) or 660003 (General Services)
  • MUST use 58xxxxxx Project ID
  • Use project attribute NRMR for CO allocation orders (AO)



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